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What we offer

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Revenue Goals

In order to grow your marketing engine and find repeatable success, you have to understand the math to get there. We will start by documenting your current state, identifying each stage of your funnel and the raw numbers as well as percentages that go with them. This information is vital in diagnosing problems in converting leads to customers.

Brand awareness

In our crazy busy world it's just not realistic to think that engaging with a prospect once will turn them into a customer. It can take many touches over time to develop that relationship and get them to convert into a customer. That's where lead nurture is so important. I will help you build lead nurture campaigns that free up your time while still cultivating prospects.

Product launch

Are you sure you are measuring the data that truly reflects the health of your company? Many start-up companies fall into the trap of measuring the wrong thing. Vanity metrics are easy to manipulate and don't necessarily tell you how your company is actually faring. I will help you identify the metrics that matter in your business to see how it is actually growing.

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