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Creating Marketing Content When You Have No Time

Hey everybody, it's Becky from the Start-up Marketer. So I completely ran out of time to write a blog post this week, and while I am somebody who I absolutely love to write and it's not a struggle for me, sometimes finding time in the day to write is a struggle and this was one of those weeks. So I decided to put my money where my mouth was and instead of beating myself up and, you know, burning the midnight oil and somehow trying to figure out how to make it work, I decided to pull out my iPhone and video my blog...make a vlog. And so I wanted to share a couple of ideas for you when you are really strapped for time and you really have to get content out there you need to post a blog or you need to put something on Facebook or something on Instagram and you just don't have the time to write. We have all been there. I totally get it. Here are a couple of ideas that I think could really help you.

First of all pull out your phone and video something, any topic, pick a topic, jot down a couple of bullets and then speak naturally to it. After you're done, you can upload it, post it on your blog. Make sure you transcribe it which is just as simple as typing and there are some software options out there that will transcribe for you, as well, to save time because that is really important from a keyword standpoint and getting found online through Google.

Another idea is to just come up with a bulleted list. So let's say you have a topic -- top ten fashion trends for the fall or 5 customer service problems you've recently faced or whatever it is -- something that's going on in your business. Make a list. People love lists. 5 things, 6 things. It doesn't matter how many things. People love lists. Write a sentence or two about it. I really don't think it will take you very long.

Another idea is links. So if you have content that you follow: bloggers, news journalists, Instagrammers, YouTubers or whatever it is and you've seen some pretty cool things recently or maybe in the past few weeks or months put it all together and for each one jot down a sentence about why that particular content was meaningful to you and you think would be valuable to your customers.

And then especially for those of you who have businesses that are highly visual, if you have encountered a bunch of photos, say on Pinterest or Instagram, that you want to share do a photo post and post the photos and add a caption or a quick summary about why that photograph was meaningful and you think provides value to your customers. So those are some really simple ideas of ways to create content without a lot of effort when you're really strapped for time like I was this week and so there you go. There's my post. Now I gotta go transcribe it. Good luck everybody and have a great weekend!

PS I used Trint to transcribe this audio for free! Check them out.

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