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The Future of B2B Marketing: Trends to Watch

Marketing is a discipline known for evolving at a rapid pace, and if you don’t keep up, you will quickly find your business missing out. With the new year here, let’s take a look at some of the key trends that are shaping the way B2B businesses market their products and services so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

One trend that continues to gain in popularity for B2B marketing is account-based marketing (ABM). ABM is a strategy that targets specific, high-value accounts, rather than trying to reach a broad audience. By taking a precision approach, B2B businesses are able to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with key decision-makers. This strategy should ultimately lead to increased sales conversion. ABM campaigns require that you clearly understand your buyer persona and the challenges they face. They also involve multiple touch points, such as email, social, and direct mail, that are highly personalized and relevant.


Another trend that is gaining traction in B2B marketing are podcasts. By using readily available recording technology, podcasts are a relatively simple way to reach and engage your target audience. They can be used to share industry insights, tell stories, or conduct interviews with thought leaders and experts. This medium is a perfect way to establish your brand as a credible source of industry information and educational enrichment. Podcasts also offer a flexible way to consume information as they can be consumed in short form, on the go, or while doing other activities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days, and B2B marketing is no exception. While AI is still very much in its early days, it is already helping businesses improve their targeting and personalization efforts. In addition, AI is well-suited to perform repetitive tasks and surface data patterns to help humans make more informed decisions. As one example, businesses are using AI to analyze customer journey data and identify patterns that can shape marketing campaign decisions. Businesses are also using AI-powered chatbots to help website visitors find the information they need more quickly.

Video Content

The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text alone AND retains that information longer. No wonder video only continues to grow in popularity in B2B marketing. With so many user-friendly, video-first tools, creating video content has never been more accessible or affordable. Video is a powerful tool for building trust and credibility with potential customers, and it's an effective way to communicate complex information in a clear and engaging way. Consider using video to showcase product demos, create use case explainers, and share customer testimonials. As an added bonus, many social media platforms are algorithmically prioritizing video content, which means you’ll get in front of more viewers.

With a new year ahead of us, the future of B2B marketing is all about personalization, automation, and data-driven decision making. By staying on top of these important trends and experimenting with new technologies, B2B companies can stay competitive and continue to drive growth in the year ahead.


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